"All you need is love."

-The Beatles

Hailing from the Midwest but based in Boston, MA, Hallam George and his band the Hallelujah Chorus bring forth a delicate yet infectious blend of folk, funk, and psychedelia. Hallam writes, arranges and produces for his band as well as taking on clients for freelance musical services such as mixing, production, songwriting and recording. Getting ready to begin his final year at Berklee College of Music with a bachelors degree in Songwriting and a second degree in Contemporary Writing and Production, Hallam has already released two singles independently and has a new single on the way, “Over My Head”, releasing on April 29, 2022. 

    Drawing influence from a wide array of artists, ranging from the Beatles to J. Cole, folk rock to hip-hop, Hallam George and his Hallelujah Chorus have been engaging Boston audiences since 2018, both on-stage and through streaming services such as Spotify (where his 2019 debut single, the driving but ethereal rock anthem “What’s the Plan?” has accumulated over 50,000 streams). Hopping from venues to practice rooms to the recording facilities at Berklee has been Hallam and the band’s occupation during their stint on the Berklee campus as he builds a fanbase, develops his repertoire and knowledge, and expands the group to include more of the amazing talent available in Boston. 

    In addition to fronting his Hallelujah Chorus and taking on freelance clients for a variety of services, Hallam is one of the two founding members of a budding production company based in his hometown of Columbia, Missouri, named Terrapin Records. Although not yet incorporated, the organization has worked since the summer of 2020 help independent artists create quality content such as recordings, performance videos, merchandise and more for an affordable price. 



Hallam is currently in the exciting process of preparing the Hallelujah Chorus for the release party for their new single, “Over My Head”, as well as a season of gigs this summer in Boston. With plans to expand their gigging range to include much more of the United States, you can expect to catch Hallam and the Hallelujah Chorus in a town near you very soon! Check out Hallam's resume here: