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Brooklyn-based artist, songwriter, performer, producer, arranger, and engineer

Glimpse of Your Light
(Live 2/17/24)

Slated to be the second single off of Hallam's upcoming album Mishaps, this live performance of "Glimpse of Your Light" was recorded in Hallam's home studio in East Flatbush, Brooklyn

Little Yellow Flowers
(Live in Studio 2)

This is Hallam George and the Hallelujah Chorus performing the live cut of their single "Little Yellow Flowers", originally released February 2020 and re-releasing in April 2024. Featuring Parker Costello on drums, Mickey Jamieson on bass, Jonathan Galen on trombone, Ethan Moore on tenor sax, and Eric Treadwell on trumpet.

What's the Plan?

Recorded Live-to-2 in Berklee's Studio 1, "What's the Plan" is Hallam George and the Hallelujah Chorus' debut (and in turn, most successful) single.

Release Date

Nov. 11, 2019

Re-released Mar. 15, 2024


About Me

Hallam George is a multi-faceted musical artist whose work promotes an appreciation for life, introspection, and joy through psychedelic-drenched folk-rock and hip-hop. Synthesizing genres and providing raw but refined live performances, his work is for those who appreciate honesty, innovation, diversity, the beauty of life and everything unusual there-within. 

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